Custom made wear is ideal for getting the perfect fit of a garment, or when an original look is desired. Custom-made applies to clothing as well as soft furnishings for the home.  Merry works with each individual client listening to their preferences and complimenting the look they want with her professional expertise.

Having an art background, Merry brings a unique and gifted perspective into your fabric projects. With a passionate sense of color, design, harmony and balance, she delivers each customer’s work as a piece of art.


Quite often a bride finds a gown she loves, but wants an additional element added to complete the look.  Merry can offer and create ideas such as a sheer wrap or adding sleeve caps.

Performance artists such as dancers,  musicians and thespians, as well can bring their costume needs to Hand Strands to get the look they want with attention to detail and craftsmanship that will give them that standing ovation they deserve.